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Bitter weather takes toll on cars


The deep freeze is taking a toll on some cars. Quite a few drivers are finding their vehicles stalling out, while others are not starting at all.

AAA is staying busy. A surge in calls for roadside assistance was expected Tuesday with the bitter cold temperatures, but for some, the problems started before they ever left the driveway.

Robert Faison's morning didn't go exactly as planned. When he tried to leave his home in Richmond to head to work, he quickly discovered he couldn't go anywhere.

"It's never fun having to be late to work," said Faison.

His battery was dead, and he called AAA for service. He was just one of hundreds of drivers who had the same problem, the bitter cold taking a toll on cars all across Central Virginia.

"We are seeing battery calls, won't start calls and cars that need to be towed because this cold was too much for them," said Martha Meade with AAA. "We were ready for an onslaught of calls early this morning... pleasantly surprised that didn't happen, but into the mid-morning, car volume started to double as cars headed out once they got their kids off to school."

As for Faison, his battery is charged and he is on the road again, but he says he's learned a valuable lesson: be prepared before the cold weather strikes.

According to AAA, it's important to have your battery tested just in case. If a battery is weak, it may not last through multiple days of cold weather. It's also a good idea to check your tires. This bitter cold weather can take a toll on your tire's pressure.

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