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Freezing weather causing problems for pipes



The cold took its toll overnight - as temperatures plummeted, the heat was on for plumbers who started getting emergency calls before the sun even came up for frozen and burst pipes.


Dee Graves is one of more than 50 people that called Robinson's Plumbing service Tuesday morning.

"When I got up, I went to turn on the hot water, and I had cold water, but the hot water... the spigot started 'sizzling,'" said Graves.

Service Manager John Deters came to the rescue. After a conversation with Dee, John went underneath the house to find the problem.

To prevent these problems at your home, Deters suggests leaving faucets running and covering outside openings that expose pipes to the cold.

"Close all of your foundation vents around your home for your crawl space, make sure your crawl space door is closed tight to prevent the draft from going across the pipes," Deters said.

Ironically, an outside opening underneath the house turned out to be the problem at the Graves home.

Deters used a torch to thaw out one of the pipes here - he doesn't recommend that home owners do this themselves. They need to check with a professional.

"You could melt the pipe if you try a torch or blow dryer or things like that, you can cause other issues," said Deters.

Graves says, from now on, she will be sure to make sure her pipes are secure. She suggests others do the same.

"Any way you can insulate your pipes, do so."

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