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Governor-Elect calls for Day of Service across the state


In Richmond, more than 100 people came out to Feedmore today, all of them to support the local food bank by sorting non-perishable items.

It's just one of nearly one hundred other events happening throughout the state, this weekend in preparation of the inauguration of Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe.

"We have over 80 events of all different types of service and the hope is today that people can come out and volunteer with a day of service, make a connection, have fun, meet some people and come back and continue to give to their community," Liz Childress said.

Liz Childress works with McAuliffe's campaign and she says the day of service means a lot to the Governor-Elect. He and his wife spent Saturday sorting food at a food bank in Adingdon.

Back at Feedmore, they welcome the help from volunteers at a time when support at the food bank tends to taper off.

"There are a 150 folks that have showed up today on this day of service and they are sorting cans, they are working with all the food we recently got from our boy scout drive so there is 50 to 75 thousand pounds they are sorting through," says Douglass H. Pick of Feedmore.

Volunteer, Maria Stella, is one of several volunteers who are fanning out throughout Richmond spreading the word about Planned Parenthood and the Affordable Care Act.

"Giving is, you get your self a gift--- look how much happiness was spread in that conversation I feel energized after talking to that lady," Stella says.

Energized like thousands across the state, all working toward the same goal - giving back to make a difference. The next event, an inaugural ball, is scheduled for Sunday evening. All of these events are leading up to the big inauguration next Saturday.

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