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Holiday trash warning

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While thousands celebrate the tradition of "Boxing Day" around the globe, many of us here at home might be wondering what to do with all those boxes, now that the gifts are opened!

Police warn, what you do with them can be a safety issue. We all love the gadgets and TVs and tools that come in the big boxes.

"I got an I-phone and my wife got my computer that she wanted and my children got everything that they wanted," Darral Jeffrey said of his Christmas.

"A phone, some clothes, and some jewelry," added Samuel Hairston.

And while it might seem like a natural decision to play with the toys, and kick the boxes to the curb (or trash or recycling), police warn that can actually be a dangerous decision. That's because the boxes advertise to criminals exactly what you have in your home this holiday season.

Instead, you're better off taking those big boxes that show what Santa got you to your local landfill or dumpster. That way the bad guys might know what you got, but not where you live!

Here's another tip....if you can't get it to a public dumpster, you can cut it up into small unidentifiable pieces, making it harder for someone to see what you might have inside.

Also, dark trash bags are safer than clear ones.

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