NBC12 VIEWPOINT: A Transformational New Year's Resolution!!

By: Kym Grinnage email

Each year many of us, with all of the best intentions, make a list of New Year's resolutions. And you can count me in that group. The list might be too long, not really meaningful and many times we start out strong, don't start at all or can't even remember what we promised we would do.

This is year I am going to make my life and my resolution a little easier. I am going to have ONE transformational resolution. That might work for you as well. You can think of something that will be transformational for yourself or for others. It really doesn't matter as long as it represents doing more or changing something that you want to change. But it must be transformational.

A lot of people feel that change is hard and I guess it can be. Or some people say, "this is just how I am." But if you really think that there is more that you can do, change your THOUGHTS about it. I truly feel that change can happen in an instant when you change your thoughts about something. YOU ARE AND BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT!

Last week my wife and I visited with an elderly, but youthful, family friend who is in hospice care at home. The most remarkable thing that she said to us during the visit was: "She keeps a positive mind and that makes her feel good!"

And she is right. A toast to Mrs. R, positive thoughts and a thoughtful New Year!

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