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MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Saving on energy efficient light bulbs


Say goodbye to 40 and 60 watt incandescent light bulbs and their inexpensive pricetag. Get ready to shell out a little more for your energy efficient replacement.

Starting January 1 2013, there will be no more made or imported into the U.S. Jude Miller, Store Operations Manager at Home Depot discussed their value. 

"When they first came out, they were a little expensive, but now very cost effective," Miller said.

Compact fluorescent prices have stayed the same, but LED's are getting cheaper. Two years ago, this string of 300 LED dome lights was $11.47. Now it's only $10.98.

"LED's are much brighter, have a longer life," Miller told us.

A few years ago, you could pay $30 for just one LED bulb. Now, several manufacturers make bulbs for a fraction of that price, plus they use much less energy.

"The average bulb that was 60 watts on the energy efficient bulbs you're going to run about 9 watts," Miller said.

This kilowatt will measure how much you'll spend in energy. The 60-watt incandescent bulb is $.42, but it will cost you more than $30 a year to use. Switching to the 14-watt CFLs that are little more at $1.50, they'll run you about $13 a year. That is $17 less than the incandescent. Upgrading to the $13 9 1/2-watt LEDs brings the energy price down to less than $9 a year.

Totaling those costs you'll spend $31.95 for the traditional, $21.55 for the LEDs and only $14.64 for the CFLs.

Richmond area residents are already ahead of the curve when it comes to buying energy efficient light bulbs. Home Depot compiled data from all of its locations to see which areas buy the most bulbs per capita. The Richmond market made the top 35. 

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