NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The next Richmond Superintendent needs political freedom and vision!

By: Kym Grinnage email

Over the last two weeks, I have attended two very interesting education events. The first was a Listening Tour with Glenn DuBois, Chancellor of the Virginia Community College System, and the second event was with Colorado's Senator Mike Johnston. The theme was consistent: How do we achieve excellence in education.

There was one theme that resonated with both of them, and that was the importance of great teachers and the "right" leadership.

This made me think of a very important decision that the Richmond School Board will be making before the end of this month, and that is the selection of Richmond's next school superintendent. Did you know that nationally the average tenure of a school superintendent is only 22 months!

The School Board cannot hire someone with short term goals and a short term view. We need a change agent! She or he must be given the independent political freedom to make hard, but critical changes wherever change is needed. The goal is simple, the children are our clients and they must succeed!

Please remember that when the status quo community is complaining, change is occurring. The business and citizen community will have to support that change, even when it's not popular.

Speaking of excellence, congratulations are in order for Dr. Stephen Geyer, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction in Goochland, who was named Curriculum Leader of the Year by the Virginia Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development.

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