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"Disappointed" commonwealth attorney calls for special prosecutor in Rusty Mack trial

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After getting bashed for the acquittals and dropped charges, the Colonial Heights Commonwealth Attorney is bringing in a special prosecutor for the final trial in the Rusty Mack beating death case.

3 of the 4 suspects have walked free, and Commonwealth Attorney William Bray is under intense scrutiny.

"I have been surprised at the depth of feeling and antagonism," said Attorney Bray.

We have also learned Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Elizabeth Fields is out of a job. Fields tells NBC 12 she was told "she didn't fit in," and she agreed.

"I'm just very disappointed that someone who worked for me would take an attitude the way that she has," said Bray.

Fields took to Facebook one day after her dismissal. She spoke out on a closed group page with Rusty Mack supporters.

"Mr. Bray and I argued a lot over him not putting on any of the evidence," said Fields on Facebook.

She claims there were text messages and autopsy photos that were never introduced in court.

"I'm seeking an outside prosecutor." said Bray. "Someone not from this area preferably."

The motion was filed late Thursday partly because the office is now short one attorney.

"But there are also issues because the victims family has created a climate where I am being attacked publicly," said Bray. "I'm disappointed in the way that things have gone. I would love the opportunity to prosecute Blair Dacey myself, but under the circumstances, I think it is best to look for someone else."

Margaret Blair Dacey is due in court early next year. She is facing murder and felony assault charges. Mr. Bray says he will make his formal motion on Monday before a judge.

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