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Richmond burglary suspects attack family dog


An outraged Richmond mother called 12 On Your Side after a string of burglaries. She says crooks broke into her home and attacked the family pet, before making off with several items.

She feels this is part of a growing trend. The burglaries are happening on the city's north side, around the 100 block of West Norwood Avenue.

"You can see the mud there," said Kelly Stiles. "They were obviously wearing some kind of boot."

Stiles says the suspects used that boot to kick and subdue Harley, her 140 pound pet.

"That's absolutely the worst part," said Stiles who notes the crooks locked the dog in the bathroom.

"Step up police presence," implored Stiles. "This is in broad daylight. Someone broke in. They defeated our dog. They attacked our dog."

Stiles notes seven neighborhood cars have been hit by burglars since October.

"How do you protect yourself?" said Stiles. "Every morning we look outside to see if our car has been broken into. We didn't sleep last night."

We took her concerns straight to Richmond Police. Officials say they have seen an increase in burglaries in the Barton Heights community, and they say they are taking action.

"Definitely," said Lt. Lewis Mills. "We are required to take action. We're the police. Her tax money pays our salary. We started doing more bike patrols, foot patrols, and outdoor roll calls."

Stiles says the crooks took a firearm, cash, and pain pills. If you have any information call crime stoppers at 780-1000.

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