Two boys hit by car at Broad Rock Elementary recovering

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Two boys are recovering after they were hit by a car on their way to school. The parents say the kindergartner and third grader are doing okay. They were hit while walking to Broad Rock Elementary School on Dorset Road.

Parents say they've had a problem with drivers on Dorset ever since the school opened. Each parent told NBC12 they want a crossing guard.

But a school spokesperson says if your child walks to Broad Rock, you need to walk with them.

Several students saw the accident this morning.

"My girls were asking, 'Daddy! What happened?' and it was hard to explain to them that one of their classmates was just hit by a speeding car," said Oscar Thomas. His daughters are in second and third grade.

Two brothers, a kindergartner and a third grader, were hit by a sedan while trying to cross this intersection at Dorset and Pettus roads. Police say the driver was charged with faulty brakes, but Tonya Talley says she saw the whole thing.

"The lady was coming from that direction really fast," she said. "So they started walking and she just slammed into the both of them."

She says bystanders who came to help were afraid to move the youngest boy.

"When she hit him she kind of threw him," she said.

People who live here tell NBC12, they expected this would happen.

"They spend all this money for a brand new school but there isn't a crossing guard, there are no speed bumps, there's no teacher out here helping the kids cross," Brian Verkay said.

They boys live down the street from the school. A school spokesperson says students are urged to take the bus. The boys' bus stop is just a few feet from campus. The school spokesperson say if a student decides to walk, a parent should be with them. The father of the boys tells NBC12 the mom was watching and saw the whole thing.

The city's chief engineer says he's looking to see if any formal requests have been submitted to make the area safer. Engineers have already put in new sidewalks. But he says so far, nobody has submitted anything.

Because of this accident, the chief engineer says crews will likely be at the school on Monday to see if any improvements need to be made.

The driver, a 21-year-old woman named Nene Klien, was charged with driving a vehicle with faulty brakes.

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