December 5 RESTAURANT REPORT: violations at an elementary school

Families often serve leftover meatloaf for dinner. But a Henrico elementary school earned a critical violation from the Health Department for letting the meatloaf sit in the fridge way too long.

The cafeteria at Three Chopt Elementary School had 4 critical violations on its last health inspection. Among them, the report says meatloaf was in the fridge two weeks past its date, and several things in the kitchen were in disrepair: there was rust on a kettle door, a refrigerator had been duct taped, and a spray hose was dirty. The report says the meatloaf was immediately discarded and by the re-inspection two weeks later, most problems were fixed, but not the kettle, duct tape, or spray hose.

School District spokesperson Andy Jenks sent us the following statement:  "We welcome the inspections and we know that our school nutrition staff is diligent about meeting or exceeding the expectations. We're happy to say that the school made immediate corrections, which were noted on the report. Staff has learned from these observations so that they won't be repeated again.

"As for the covered can in the restroom (item #51 on the report), either a new lid or a new can entirely was obtained Monday, meaning all observations have been corrected."

Moving to Chesterfield, Pizza Express at 11852 Chester Village Drive had 4 critical violations, including that an employee washed their hands without soap. Violations were corrected during the inspection.

No problems to report at Ironfish, 3061 Lauderdale Drive in Henrico. This seafood restaurant was Richmond Magazine's Best New Restaurant in 2011, and wins the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award for acing three health inspections.

Said Ironfish owner Manuel Micheo, "We spend time in the kitchen making sure everything is clean. We don't close the restaurant until the kitchen is completely clean."