MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Top 10 items to NOT buy on Black Friday

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you haven't noticed, Black Friday sales are starting early this year, and with that comes some killer deals - but not everything is priced as low as it goes.

Savings guru Sara Lundberg shares her Black Friday know how on her website, Budget Savvy Diva.

First on her list: toys.

I know you can't go through the season without getting some - just don't buy them on Black Friday. As Christmas gets closer, "the savings are just going to become greater and greater and greater," said Lundberg.

Same with decorations.

"You're going to see those discounts everywhere, at Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS and you'll see the signs 50% to 75% off wrapping paper," said Lundberg.

Stock up on clearance the day after Christmas.

As the year inches on, the price of calendars gets cheaper. Waiting until the first week of January will score you the best price.

The cost of expensive jewelry will fall closer to Christmas, but it hits rock bottom near Valentine's Day.

Tools seem like a good choice, but "they don't do extreme discounts. The time, if you're going to buy any tools, is around Father's Day," said Lundberg.

Door-buster TV deals have tempting price tags, but keep in mind these are not top-tier brands and many come with shorter manufacturer warranties.

Digital cameras are always a hot gift, but "the discount you see on 2013 cameras on Black Friday is nothing compared to the discount you'll see when they roll out the 2014 line," said Lundberg.

If you're looking for linens, wait until January. This is when stores carry both winter and regular linens and will need to clear room for new stock.

The weather has just turned chilly, and now is when winter apparel is most needed - and most expensive.

"They may try to get you in with a couple of good door-buster deals, but I wouldn't try to stock up on pants," said Lundberg.

After years of searching, Lundberg also recommends holding off on office supplies. Summer is usually the cheapest time to buy those.

You'll find more Black Friday advice on Lundberg's website:

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