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UVA students hold candlelight vigil for Senator Creigh Deeds

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Dozens are sending up prayers, calling for the speedy recovery of Virginia Senator Creigh Deeds. A candlelight vigil was held tonight at the University of Virginia amphitheater.

At last check, the senator continues to remain in good condition at UVA Medical Center.

A moment of silence was shared by college democrats and republicans and students have put their political views aside for one night.

"Besides our political differences, I think it's really terrible for the Deeds family, I can't imagine what they're going through right now, this may be a small thing that we're doing but I hope we can show Senator Deeds that we're thinking about him," said Elizabeth Minneman, president of College Republicans of UVA.

The news of the attack on Senator Deeds affected these students. They're all close in age to the senator's 24-year-old son, who police say stabbed his dad multiple times, before killing himself.

"We were really shocked to hear about this, and really saddened," said Minneman.

At the vigil, students left notes for the senator, wishing him a speedy recovery. Hand written messages were shared all over a big poster board that students hope senator deeds would read once he's better.

"Although not all would agree with Senator Deeds policies 100 percent, one thing we all do agree on is Senator Deeds acts on what he believes is best for the community," said UVA student, Jarrod Nagurka.

"I think he would have been very touched by this outpouring from the students," said Rick Seaman of the Charlottesville Democratic Committee.

The vigil was brief, but it meant a lot to those sharing this moment. We're expecting our next update on the senator's condition, Friday.

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