12 On Your Side: Clover Glass helps NBC12 viewer with windshield

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A surprise ending for a single mom who believed a carwash cracked her windshield and refused responsibility. She got a brand new windshield after a glass company owner saw her predicament and installed a replacement windshield for free Tuesday morning.

The glass work is a professional job, and it's right on time because Clover Glass, the company that stepped up to help Jessica Nelson, corrected a problem that could have hurt the woman and her child.

"The crack came in from all the way down here. It came up and all the way over to the driver side," said Nelson.

According to Clover Glass, Nelson's windshield trouble was a blessing in disguise. The new windshield installation revealed an old problem that could have caused injury if her airbag deployed in an accident.

The top of the windshield was loose," said L.D. Breedon, owner of Clover Glass. "So, with the airbag deploying, the windshield would have come out of the car."

The single mom knows she's the recipient of something she can never repay - and she's grateful.

"Thank you so much. I appreciate all the hard work you did for me and you didn't have to come out and fix it, but you did," said Nelson.

Nelson's problem started when the owner of a carwash legally stood his ground and refused to replace the broken windshield, because he believed the windshield was broken when Nelson came in - and his damage disclaimers are clearly posted.

Breedon and wife Renee own the family business. He says his mom saw the story, called his wife and she called 12.

"It's the right thing to do. It's the right thing to do," said Breedon.

The single mom says money matters, and she would have had to save a long time to make it happen on her own.

"I wasn't expecting anybody to step in and actually fix my window for free of charge," said Nelson. "I thought I would just have to pay for my own window. I'm just really happy. Just blessed. Speechless really."

The car wash owner did refer Nelson to a glass company that would do the job, he felt, at a discount, but Clover Glass stepped up, did the work, and covered the cost. She's all set now to pass inspection.

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