November 14 RESTAURANT REPORT: food not kept cold enough

A restaurant that reopened just a couple of years ago after a devastating fire is in tonight's Restaurant Report. Even the owner was surprised that some of their new kitchen equipment wasn't working properly.

Who could forget seeing Zorba's Greek-Italian Cuisine on West Broad Street go up in flames in January of 2011.

Said owner Isabel Akpinar at the time, "I am shaking my head because all I see are these trucks."

Zorba's reopened a year later, completely remodeled. It usually earns better health inspection scores. So we went over when it suddenly had 4 critical violations, including that food in two prep units was at elevated temperatures.

Owner Mahmet Akpinar told us, "That was, I believe, a mechanical and design issue. But if you look at the follow-up, you'll see everything was corrected immediately."

He said he the units were repaired, and he corrected a problem with the dishwasher. The report says there wasn't any sanitizer in it.

He said all violations were corrected immediately because they take food safety seriously. "We are very concerned about our customers. We are very cautious," he assured us.

Another restaurant that usually scores better is Cathay Gourmet at 8920 Forest Hill Avenue in Chesterfield. But the last report showed an untypical 5 critical violations. It said the slicer and food grinder components were not clean. The report shows violations were corrected on the spot.