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The candidates for Lt. Governor make the case for your vote

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It has been one of the most controversial races of the 2013 campaign. The race for Lt. Governor features a quiet state senator against a charismatic pastor. Their war of words has made for an interesting campaign.

These two candidates couldn't be more different. The race has turned into a mandate on the republican, Bishop E.W. Jackson and his controversial past statements.

His opponent- Dr. Ralph Northam has just tried to stay out of the way.

Before he was a candidate, Jackson was a popular- but controversial pastor in Chesapeake- who preached very directly on issues like abortion and homosexuality.

Statements he has tried to convince voters to not tie to his campaign.

"I'm not running to be the minister of Virginia," he said. "I'm running to be Lt. Governor of Virginia."

His opponent Ralph Northam- a pediatric neurologist from Norfolk- is one of those making sure voters understand exactly everything Jackson has said.

"We don't need people with this rigid ideology that just say no to everything," Northam said.

Northam and Jackson differ greatly on issues like abortion and gay rights. But both claim it will not be their focus if elected.

"I would have to say the top issue has to be the economy," said Jackson.

Northam agreed. 

 "The main objective is to have people wantin' to come to Virginia and have their business and that's what puts revenue into our coffers," he said.

Despite all their many differences, when it comes to touting their ability to govern- Jackson and Northam seem to say very similar things.

"I've been a unifier and uniter my entire life," said Jackson.  

"Whenever there is a piece of legislation that is good for Virginia it's done through compromise that is my reputation in the senate," said Northam

Whichever of these candidates make the best case- could become the next Lt. Governor.

And we conducted two extensive interviews with both Bishop Jackson and Dr. Northam. You can see them in their entirety on

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