NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Election Day 2013: You must vote on November 5

By: Kym Grinnage email

As you know, next Tuesday is Election Day and many local and national pundits have predicted that this year's Election Day turnout could be the lowest in Virginia history. You have to make sure that this does not happen.

It is possible that you are not a huge supporter of any of the candidates that are running to become governor of Virginia and that may cause some apathy. But we must all remember that voting is a right and a privilege. But just as important, we all must take responsibility for the quality of state and local government we want for the future.

If you set aside the gubernatorial race, the quality of your local life will be determined by a number of referendums that you must vote on. As an example, In Chesterfield and Henrico Counties those voters must decide whether a meals tax will be imposed to make up for the budget shortfall. In addition, there are a host of statewide and local candidates on the ballot.

Here is a question for you and only you can provide the answer. If a young person or your children asked if you cared enough about their future to vote next Tuesday, I hope that the only answer you will give is yes. Please remember that Americans died for your right to vote. Please honor their sacrifice.

If you need information about voting or where you should vote please contact the State Board of Elections at: sbe.virginia.gov or call 804.864.8901

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