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Police: Lookout for more deer on roads


Another driver is recovering at the hospital after a serious collision involving a deer. Police say a man was heading south on highway 156 in Prince George County Friday morning when he hit a deer and lost control. If you've already seen a lot of deer out on the roads, experts say expect to see even more as we enter mating season.

Safety experts say when you're driving and see Deer Crossing signs, take notice. It's that time of year again and already deer season has proven deadly.

Let's start with this past Sunday. 52 year old Melvin Thomas was riding his moped on highway 460 in Prince George County when officers say he crashed into a deer. He later died at the hospital.

"November is actually the most dangerous time of year for deer related crashes," said Tammy Gobert of AAA.

Thursday, police say another man had to be airlifted to the hospital after crashing into a deer near Prince George High School. He's recovering with serious injuries to the head.

It's why AAA is putting drivers on notice.

"One, never swerve. If you swerve, you could end up either hitting another car or another object and completely lose control of your vehicle…If it is unavoidable to hit a deer and you are braking, release the brake just before impact and what that does, it increases the chances of the deer going under the vehicle versus through the windshield," Gobert added.

They are tips that could save your life and the buck's.

With so many deer near her Bliley Road home in Richmond, Bobbie Corsaro had the city put up a Deer Crossing sign.

"They kept killing the deer, the cars," Corsaro said with concern.

Then, she added a couple more of her own.

"It's not real pleasant when you see a dead deer out in the front of the street in front of your house," she said.

Police remind you when you're traveling especially in areas where there's a high deer population, slow down and always be on alert.

According to the DMV, more than half of all deer-related crashes happen between October and December.

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