The race for Virginia Governor now comes down to who shows up

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The governor's race appears to be tightening up.

A slew of new polls are out -- and a few of them show Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli gaining ground on Terry McAuliffe.

But is it too little too late?

Depending on which poll you look at- Cuccinelli is down by what amounts to a landslide- to within the margin of error.

"Well all those polls show us closing and we close very well," said Cuccinelli.

Indeed- Cuccinelli has come from behind before- but never facing the odds he is up against this time. He must overcome a monstrous financial disadvantage and an opponent with deep ties to powerful people.

"Terry McAuliffe is my friend," said former President Bill Clinton during a weekend trip to Richmond. "If he were 50 points behind I'd be here."

In addition to Clinton- President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will stump for McAuliffe. Visits Cuccinelli believes work to his advantage.

"With the president coming this weekend that puts a focus on Obamacare, he said. "And we are perfectly happy to have a debate about that."

Heavy hitters come to town to drive voter turnout. And an unpredictable electorate makes the polls difficult to read.

"Whoever's voters show up win," said the Attorney General.

And that is the difference in the polls, some show more Democrats showing up, others show more republicans. It is a point Clinton drove home Sunday.

"It doesn't count if you are for 'em if you don't show," he warned.

With less than a week to go- there is less time to make the case that one side is better than the other. Both republicans and democrats aren't done making their pitch.

"We don't need people with this rigid ideology that just say no to everything," said Sen. Ralph Northam the democratic nominee for Lt. Governor.

But Cuccinelli argues that is not his style at all.

"I'm the only candidate running who has a track record of actually working across the aisle."

Just 6 more days- and then you decide.

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