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SAFE report: challenges include increases in marijuana and prescription drug misuse

Source: Chesterfield SAFE Source: Chesterfield SAFE

SAFE has a new bi-annual report out on the level of substance abuse among Chesterfield youth. The numbers come from kids in Chesterfield County Schools, self-reporting on what substances they say they do and how they say they get it. And some of the findings, present big challenges.

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For example, the report shows the percentage of 8th graders who used marijuana during a 30-day period, rose 100%.

"We are very concerned that children have bought the lie," said Wayne Frith with safe. "And we are seeing triple figures in increase of marijuana use among teenagers across the nation. As for how they're using it and where they're using it, we don't know that yet."

The percentage of students who misued stimulants during a 30 day period rose more than 128%. Experts say teens are popping pills like adderall and ritalin, to get better grades.

"Because the call carrying in this area is so academically competitive," said Frith. "We think some students are turning to this."

But, there is good news, too. The survey shows alcohol abuse is down. So is cigarette use,d drunk driving and inhalant misuse. Experts say he important message here is to talk to your kids.

"You are the parents," said Frith. "You have to set the parameters. You can't expect government to do that for you."

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