Clinton works to make enthusiasm for McAuliffe high

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - There is just a little more than a week to go in the race for governor and today a heavy hitter came to town. Democrat Terry McAuliffe brought his good friend former President Bill Clinton to Richmond. The two even stopped briefly at a Henrico Red Lobster to meet voters before his speech at the Richmond Community High School.

McAuliffe brought Clinton not with the goal of convincing people to vote for him, but instead convincing those already on his side to make sure they get out and vote on Election Day.

John Grigg from Goochland is one of those voters already on board, but he knows what the mood is like across the state.

"I've overheard people in restaurant and things like that are republicans who say they aren't even interested in voting," Grigg said

And a lack of interest in voting is a danger for both sides, a low turnout election is unpredictable- and Clinton said that uncertainty can lead to trouble.

"I can't tell you how many elections were determined by people that were the choice of something other than the majority," Clinton said.

With polls showing the Democrat McAuliffe with the lead- there is concern of fatigue, and despite his high profile backer-- the GOP did their best to ramp up a degree of uncertainty in the frontrunner.

"He is doing everything in his power so that can to run out the clock and doesn't have to answer any questions," said Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli- McAuliffe's opponent.

Cuccinelli held a conference call this morning to highlight a story from the Washington Post that went in depth into the Democrat's relationship with a Rhode Island con artist who stole the identities of dying patients and sold annuities in their name to clients like McAuliffe.

"He personally had no problem with the ghoulish scheme," said Cuccinelli. "But he was rightly concerned that voters would find it disgusting."

McAuliffe has said he was nothing more than a "passive investor"- and while Cuccinelli spent time hammering him as a shady businessman- the former president played up his reputation as a man who gets things done.

"Sometimes when people want to criticize Terry they say he is a deal maker," Clinton said. "I say "give me one.. Give me one"

And Democrats are hoping- that trademark Clinton style will translate to enthusiasm, with just a little more than a week to go.

Sunday marked just the beginning of a whirlwind tour of Virginia by Clinton. He will make three more days of stops, hitting virtually every part of the Commonwealth.

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