More Bang For Your Buck: Winterize your home & save money

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - An average home spends $2,200 a year in their energy bills. They can save up to ten percent of that if they effectively air seal their home.

You can start with your windows by using insulating film. All you need is the product and a blow drier to seal it tight. You can also seal them using caulk. It costs less than 10 dollars.

"You find the problem area on your door which typically is on the door jam side and you apply the seal," said Vageesh Bakhshi with ShurTech.

A weather strip can keep the cold draft from creeping inside...along with this door insulator using a special cover on your electrical sockets also saves. And ShurTech has this new gadget: an attic insulator that looks like a mini-tent.

"Basically forms a dome above your attic staircase and keeps the warm air in," he showed us.

Make sure all of your insulation meets the walls. Tuck in corners that might have come loose.

Going outside and try an outdoor faucet cover.

"You've got your faucet here. Make sure to cover your outside faucet because a lot of times that will be the first to freeze point when it actually gets cold," said Mike Davis with Home Depot.

Make sure your water hoses are disconnected and drained. Also - check your gutters - keep them clean, so ice and water won't build up. Be sure to close your vents, so cold air won't creep inside.

One big mistake a lot of people make...

"The biggest mistake they make is they start thinking about winterization too late," Davis said.

Your hot water tank is a huge energy hog. Insulating the pipes and the unit itself will contain the heat it emits and save you money on your power bill.

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