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Chesterfield Police warn of top three Halloween crimes


Halloween is just one week away. Police are issuing a warning to parents about three crimes that can easily turn a fun night into serious trouble for trick-or-treaters.

"We get a lot of calls for kids smashing pumpkins," said Sgt. Timothy Kehoe with Chesterfield Police.

Sgt. Kehoe says one of the top three crimes on Halloween night is vandalism.

"Some people in the county go all out during Halloween," said Sgt. Kehoe. "It's unfortunate. We do have cases where they do get destroyed."

Sgt. Kehoe notes the charge increases based on the extent of the damage. Police also have no sympathy for candy thieves.

"Because you are taking by force someone's possessions," said Corporal Scott Gordon. "And so technically it's a robbery. It's a serious felony, too."

Police say one of their biggest Halloween concerns is curfew violations.

"Curfew is a major problem throughout the year," said Corporal Gordon. "But especially on Halloween."

Police urge you to watch the clock. Those under 18 must be inside before 11 or face being detained.

"We hold on to them until they can be released to a parent or legal guardian," said Sgt. Kehoe. "So not only does it keep them tied up it keeps our officers tied up."

Curfew violations, robberies, and vandalism is all on police radar this Halloween.

"The kids need to keep in mind what may seem like a fun prank to them," said Sgt. Kehoe. "Could actually be a crime."

Chesterfield Police offer the following safety tips:

Trick-or-treaters should:

· Be accompanied by a parent or another responsible adult.

· Have costumes that are brightly colored or have reflective tape on them.

· Remain on well lit streets and always use sidewalks.

· Have their parents check all their treats before eating.

Additional trick-or-treating tips are available on the Chesterfield County Police Department's website at

To keep homes safe for visiting trick-or-treaters, residents should:

· Remove tripping hazards from the yard and porch.

· Check outdoor lights and replace burned-out bulbs.

· Remove wet leaves from sidewalks and steps.

· Restrain pets so they do not inadvertently jump on or bite a visitor.

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