12 ON YOUR SIDE: Refund check help

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - A Petersburg woman tried for months to get a mortgage broker to return her money for an appraisal that never happened. She called 12 On Your Side to help get her hard-earned cash back.

Right now, it seems to be resolved. We got a good phone number for the mortgage broker, called him and even went to his home. Thursday, he dropped off a check for Brenda Rorie.

Brenda was so excited to see a 'For Sale' sign on the Petersburg home back in June she called the listing agent and saw the house the next day.

"It's an older home but it's loaded with quality, the quality materials," she said.

She signed papers but soon backed out of the deal to buy the home. She says there were more problems than she was comfortable with.

"The house which we discovered, sadly, has black mold and the black mold was creeping up from the basement," Brenda explained.

Brenda says she stopped everything and got her one thousand dollar deposit back, but ran into trouble with William Brown. Receipts show she paid $750.00 for an appraisal. She says Brown acknowledged to her, he owes it.

"I said 'yes sir, I would like to have my money back' because he didn't do anything. He has stopped returning my calls. He stated he was going to meet me somewhere to give it to me. He never showed up," she said.

A letter from Brown to Brenda, concerning a private mortgage loan and refinancing, lists Brown as Managing Partner for Commercial Real Estate Lending Associates, LLC. The number in the letter is a non-working number. So, we went to his home after calling his cell. No one answered the door.

Brown did call back as we were leaving and said it was a short sale, the house was a foreclosure, and Brenda was confused about processing fees. But, he would refund the seven hundred fifty dollars. We asked him why so long?

He said he was trying to get his money back from the investors. We offered, but Brown declined to talk on camera.

Brenda got a refund Thursday...not the certified check Brown promised.

"I couldn't do it but 12 did. Thank goodness for 12 being on my side," Brenda said.

The check it's from Brown's personal account.

"I'll let you know when I cash it," she said.

Brown says Brenda backed out because of credit issues and she couldn't afford to buy the home. Brenda says that's not true. She was far along in the process and backed out because of the mold.

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