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4 armed men raid Louisa home with children inside


Louisa investigators are working to track down four men who stormed into a home with weapons, holding up a family, with children present. According to the Central Virginian, they said the invasion is believed to be gang-related.

Major Donald Lowe, of the Louisa Sheriff's Office, says the group of armed men raided a house in the 3,000 block of Yanceyville Road, back on October 11. Neighbors say the family was having dinner, when they heard the dogs barking. The husband opened the door. The four men pushed their way in, with guns. Lowe says the suspects demanded money and guns.

Investigators say the crooks tied up the mother, with children nearby. While all of this was happening, two friends of the family happened to arrive. The suspects fired shots into the car, breaking the window, and thankfully, not hitting anyone in the vehicle. In this entire incident, no one was hurt.

The suspects fled on foot. Sheriff's deputies brought in K-9 dogs to scour the area, but no one was caught.

Neighbor Kathy Stiles says she spoke to the couple whose home was raided.

"They definitely are very, very shaken…particularly… because their children were involved," said Stiles.

Late last month, Lowe says burglars also struck two other homes in the area. The thieves took jewelry, electronics, and more guns.

The community has since pulled together, creating a neighborhood watch. Neighbors are sharing phone numbers, and keeping an extra close eye on who rides by.

"We were presented a pretty urgent situation. So we tackled it quickly," continued Stiles, who is helping to coordinate the effort. "Just awareness of everyone else… so we can kind of pay more attention."

Mark Poole and his wife, who also live on Yanceyville Road, are taking shifts sleeping, shotgun at their side.

"She sleeps half the night. Then, I get to sleep the rest of the night. So, we stay up all night long," said Poole.

Poole says his five-year-old daughter is terrified.

"We sent her to her grandma's so she can get some rest. Every morning she wakes up and wanted to know if the robbers came yet," added Poole.

Investigators have identified two suspects in the home invasion, as well as two people of interest. Detectives aren't sure if the other two burglaries are connected. However, crime scene evidence is still being processed. Anyone with any information is asked to call Louisa County Crimesolvers at (800) 346-1466.

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