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Prince George league to review sideline safety after 11-year-old is hospitalized

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An 11-year-old is recovering after taking a hard hit on his Prince George football league.

An angry spectator contacted NBC 12 saying no ambulance was on field. They say it took at least 20 minutes for emergency crews to respond.

"It terrified me," said the spectator who did not want to be identified. "Especially not seeing that boy move."

The spectator snapped photos of the Med-Life unit and asked us to investigate why there was not a rescue squad at the game.

"It took over 20 minutes just for the rescue squad to get there," said the spectator.

11-year-old Mason Kienzler ended up in the hospital.

"I feel for the mother," said the spectator. "Just to have to sit there and watch her son on that football field..not have the medical attention as fast as that boy needed it."

Mason's father dad says the trainers opted for med-flight over an ambulance as a precaution. Mason was suffering from things like numbness in his fingers. Doctors determined he was suffering from a concussion.

"At no time did I feel my son was at risk," said Mark Kienzler. "I'm really actually very satisfied with the process."

Kienzler notes Mason's coaches have concussion training and a certified physical trainer was on the sidelines.

"Would you be against having an ambulance on the field?" we asked Kienzler.

"I wouldn't be against it," said Kienzler. "I don't know that it's necessary."

We contacted Keith Rotzoll with parks and recreation about the possibility of having an ambulance on the sidelines in the future.

"I'm not saying it's something that shouldn't be done," said Rotzoll. "It's something we need to get together and talk about. It's something we'll review at the end of the season."

Mason was released from the hospital Friday night. He will have to wear that neck brace until the end of the month.

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