NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The Government is Open for Business

By: Kym Grinnage email

If you haven't been personally affected by the government shutdown, you really don't understand how it feels to go through something like this. This has placed thousands of Americans on the edge financially and physically and for no good reason. I for one am glad that cool heads have prevailed, but where do we go from here?

I truly hope that all of our local and nationally elected officials take a long deep breath, and really listen to what the American people have said about how Washington has conducted our business. And it is now a good time to consider how we can do things differently going forward.

You may be on the left, the right or the middle, but I hope that you will agree that what we are doing in Congress now is NOT working. And I am directing this to the Democrats and the Republicans. Who is going to be the adult in the room for a change? Who on both sides of the aisle is going to be willing to risk being unpopular and not worry only about being re-elected and step over to the other side to talk COMPROMISE? You may also be someone who wishes we had a different President, but guess what that will not happen until the next election.

One of the most divisive issues of our time is the Affordable Care Act and now that we have passed this impasse, the politicians who really want to get something done should sit down with President Obama and talk about what can be improved.  So if that is really true and this is not about ideology, brings those good ideas and improvements to the table.

And between you and me I know a really good software writer.

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