October 17 RESTAURANT REPORT: Mildew on a cutting board

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - In this edition of the Restaurant Report, violations range from a moldy cutting board to foods at unsafe temperatures. Here's this edition's Critical List and what these restaurants did about it.

For Farid Elyameny, running the Sweet Olive Mediterranean Grill, is a passion.

"I love food, working with food," Elyameny told us. "I've been working with food for the last 13 years."

Sweet Olive, at 9127 West Broad Street in Henrico, usually scores well on health inspections. So when it suddenly got six critical violations, we went over. The report said one violation was that the cutting board was blackened with mildew. Elyameny showed us a new one.

"We changed it. We threw that one away," he showed us.

Another problem, the report says, was that food in the make table wasn't cold enough. Elyameny used a thermometer to show us food in the table was now the correct 41 degrees and explained he had it repaired.

"I called my technician guy. He fixed the cooler," he said.

Follow-up inspection reports show Sweet Olive is back to earning sweet scores.

Triple Eight Chinese Restaurant at 4410 West Hundred Road in Chesterfield had 5 critical violations, including that the pork egg roll was not reheated to a high enough temperature to eliminate pathogenic bacteria. That was fixed, but the restaurant had 4 critical on the follow-up inspection, and 3 critical on a second follow-up. Those were corrected on the spot.

We're giving the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to the Richpop Popeye's restaurant at 9177 Atlee Road in Hanover. It hasn't had a critical violation in a year, which they attribute to constant training.

"Following all standards and continuous focus on all our food safety issues to make sure that when our guests come in here, we give them the best product," said Rosemary Holland.

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