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Glen Allen tutoring center shuts down, parents owed money


A Glen Allen mom is wondering if she will ever get her money back from a tutoring center that suddenly closed down.

Huntington Learning Center on West Broad Street shut down this week. NBC12 confirmed there are a number of parents that say they are owed money, but the owner has not paid them back.

The Huntington Learning Center's commercials promise an effective tutoring program that will improve your child's report card.

Jodi Wray says it worked for her 9-year-old son. "We were there three, four times a week, two hours at a clip, teachers were fantastic," she said.

But it comes at a cost. The Wray family paid about $5,500 up front for 110 hours of tutoring. Jodi says there was still time left on the contract when she found out the Glen Allen location has now failed. A sign says Huntington is out of business.

"There was nothing on the building," she said. "The sign had been taken down."

Jodi Wray just wants her money back for the unused tutoring time - that amount is about $700.  She called the corporate office, which says each center is independently owned, and she should contact the Glen Allen director.

"They gave me his phone number, they gave me his cell phone number, and said you need to go after him for the money that he still owes you for services not rendered," she said.

Wray called the Glen Allen director and so did NBC12, but none of the calls were returned. After I contacted the corporate office about this situation, administrators told NBC12 the legal team is now working to make sure every family gets their money back. They also said he decided not to renew his contract with Huntington and he should have informed the parents.

If you had a child who went to the Huntington Learning Center in Glen Allen, and you are owed money, call Cheryl Bernardi the coordinator of operations team at (201) 261-8400.

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