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Furloughed employees continue to work with no pay

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For many essential federal employees, the shutdown has meant enduring the last 12 days without getting paid. However, some workers are reporting to their job, and still not getting compensated.

Longtime prison employee Paul Dunston says his most recent paycheck was cut more than in half. Prison employees are just some of the furloughed workers who are needed at their job, regardless of what's going on in Congress.

Dunston has put on his uniform and headed to work at the federal prison in Petersburg for the last 29 years, shutdown or not.

"Somebody has to watch inmates. You can't let them out. You have to protect the neighborhoods, the community," said Dunston.

Dunston's wife also continues to clock in at the prison. However, now both are going without pay.

Dunston did receive a paycheck this week, for a minimal $445. The pay covered the few days before the furlough.

"I have an electric bill, car payment, car insurance...gas, food...it's just tough right now," continued Dunston.

However, Congress is still getting paid, striking a nerve with many furloughed workers. Dozens of legislators have reportedly delayed or donated their paychecks.

Prison union leader Dwayne Person says federal workers may suffer damaged credit, from missing payments.

"How that might affect their credit… that's not being addressed," said Person.

A bill to back-pay furloughed workers is currently making its way through Congress.

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