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Nationwide EBT system outage caused by computer glitch


The Department of Social Services is now reporting that EBT systems are up and running again after being down for most of day on Saturday. 

The problems with the system affected WIC and SNAP recipients in 17 states, including Virginia.

During the system's downtime, the USDA issued a statement, citing a computer glitch as the reason behind the EBT network's failure. 

"We are getting updated in real time, but as far as I know right now some of our Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) system is experiencing temporarily connectivity issues.  Technical staff is addressing the issue and expect the system to be restored soon. The issue stemmed from a routine check of the system," said a USDA spokesperson.

The USDA is emphasizing that the problem was not related to the government shutdown.

Xerox, the company that runs the EBT system, also gave further insight to what went wrong, stating, "during a routine test of our back-up systems Saturday morning, Xerox's Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) system experienced a temporary shutdown."

Since about 10:00 a.m. Saturday the NBC12 newsroom has been flooded with phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages about the outage. EBT cards are issued by the Department of Social Services to distribute SNAP benefits to people in need.

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