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Man accused of DUI, crashing into fence with child inside car


A Henrico man is in trouble accused of driving under the influence with a nine year old boy in the car with him. Police say it all ended with a huge crash. It happened in Eastern Henrico, in a neighborhood not far from Nine Mile Road.

Police say the driver, 26-year-old Robert Norcross, slammed into a car and then into a family's fence - all as a little boy traveled along.

Imagine sitting at home and hearing a loud crash a little too close for comfort. A woman inside the home - who didn't want to be identified - says her husband ran outside Thursday night and saw their fence destroyed! The owner's truck was parked in the yard and police say the suspect also crashed into it.

"I have five kids myself, and I couldn't imagine putting my kids in harm's way like that. I just wonder what they were thinking," said repairman John Hutcheson.

He came to the scene Friday morning to assess the damage. It will take some work.

"Four new posts and new fencing and clean up the debris," he pointed out.

As he worked in the yard - the suspect's girlfriend showed up retrieving a license tag from the family's front yard.

"It was my car, I feel bad," said Lauren Zahn.

She describes what happened Thursday night.

"He had taken my car to go grocery shopping and I went to the gas station to get cigarettes and I came down the street and saw it," Zahn said.

She says Norcross is a good person who has custody of his nephew.

"This is going to make him sound horrible and he's not a horrible person," Zahn added.

While the damage looks bad, the aftermath could've been worse.

"It's fortunate. The house is only about 75 feet to the left. They're lucky the car went into the garden and not into the house," Hutcheson said.

He says it will cost about $1200 to repair the fence.

The 9-year-old boy was not hurt during the crash.

Norcross has a court date scheduled for December 16th to face misdemeanor DUI and felony child neglect charges. There's no word yet what police believe he was under the influence of.

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