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Candidates still find ways to attack in polite UR forum

The race for governor is now in its final stretch. There is less than a month to go and the candidates are beginning a serious push.

Thursday night, both Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) and former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe answered questions compiled by the University of Richmond college community.  It was a serious forum-- the candidates were asked serious questions on a variety of big issues.

They answered them, but make no mistake the campaign never stopped

It was a pleasant setting and a polite crowd.

"Thank you so much for being here tonight we are glad to have this opportunity," said UR College President Ed Ayers, who hosted the discussion. The candidates were asked the same questions at different times.

But in a nasty race-- the candidates themselves still found ways to attack.

Cuccinelli used McAuliffe's former green car company GreenTech to criticize the Democat's business record.

"My opponent is the only candidate to drive jobs out of Virginia and he did it personally he did it himself," Cuccineli  

McAuliffe returned fire with Cuccinelli's past statements on social issues.

"My opponent referred to gay Virginians as selfless and soulless human beings," McAuliffe said. "You can't build an economy with mean spirited language."

Afterward, the shots continued, Cuccinelli slamming McAuliffe's role with a Rhode Island con artist who swindled terminally ill patients.

"My opponent invested in people dying," he said.  "I don't think the people of Virginia as they learn that are going to accept that in their governor."

McAuliffe said that he was a "passive investor" in Joseph Caramadre's scheme that landed the former donor to his campaign in prison. McAuliffe said he had no idea what Caramadre was up to.

McAuliffe meanwhile said that Cuccinelli is misleading his voters about his stance about abortion.  During his remarks- Cuccinelli said he would support Medicaid funding for abortion in cases of rape or incest - McAuliffe showed a former web site from Cuccinelli's past senate campaigns that showed his position had changed.

"For him to stand on this stage and make a deliberate falsehood and mislead Virginia voters, is just plain wrong," McAuliffe said.  

There are fireworks in any forum; in a heated race that is less than a month from the finish line.

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