October 10 RESTAURANT REPORT: food not cooled fast enough

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The Health Department says if a restaurant is cooling food down after cooking, it needs to reach 41 degrees within six hours. If it takes longer, or sits at a warmer temperature, harmful bacteria can grow and make you sick when you eat it. Inadequate cooling was a problem for one restaurant in this NBC12 Restaurant Report.

The location was Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant at 13130 Kingston Avenue in Chesterfield. It had 4 critical violations, including the report says that beef, chicken broth, and peppers and onions were not cooled fast enough. But the violation was corrected during the inspection, and Jalapeno's earned a perfect score on its inspection the next time.

Next up, Kebab & Biryani at 2452 Old Brick Road in West Broad Village in Henrico. The report says it also had 4 critical violations, plus that containers of food were stored on the floor. We went to the restaurant to talk with them about it.

We left a message for the manager who wasn't there at the time, but we haven't heard back. But the score on the follow-up inspection the next day, shows everything was corrected right away.

Step into this week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award winner, Panera Bread at 8800 Staples Mill Road in Henrico. You'll not only smell the freshly made bread, you'll see a clean operation. It has aced two health inspections and hasn't had a critical violation in nearly two years.