Developing: Stabbing and Shooting near VCU

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Today the investigation continues of an incident near the White House that left parts of the Capitol on lockdown. Police are still trying to figure out why 34-year-old Miriam Carey drove to the White House and then led police on a chase. Wile the motive is still unclear--police believe the incident is isolated.

We're tracking a developing story. In a matter of hours overnight, there was a fatal shooting and a stabbing near VCU. The stabbing happened two blocks south of the Siegel Center, and the suspect is still on the run. That fatal shooting happened at a Rite Aide off campus. It's just a short walk from Monroe Park, at Belvidere and Broad.

And this morning as we are under the fourth day of the Government Shutodwn. At least one State Zoo is offering a little bit of relief to federal workers. The Virginia Zoo in Norfolk is right now offering free admission to Federal Employees who show a valid federal ID at the gate. The offer is valid Monday through Friday or the duration of the shutdown.

A relatively quiet hurricane season in the U.S. could get a bit busier this weekend. Tropical Storm Karen is poised to become the first named storm to hit the U.S. during what had been a relatively quiet hurricane season. Karen is forecast to lash the northern Gulf Coast as a weak hurricane or tropical storm. We are tracking the system and let you know how the storm may impact us.

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