12 ON YOUR SIDE: Resolving dispute between gas company and customer

MONTPELIER, VA (WWBT) - 12 On Your Side gets answers for a Montpelier man and solves his problem with a propane company in less than 30 minutes - something Paul Moss says he's been trying to do for more than a year.

I talked to both sides and they really were not too far apart. Paul says he couldn't afford the propane anymore. He told the company and wanted them to pick up their tank.

'Natural Gas Company of Virginia' showed compassion. I have a letter suggesting it would work with him, but it didn't follow through on anything it said in the letter.

Paul's financial struggle was recurring in the many letters he showed us, written to Natural Gas Company of Virginia.

"They no longer made unscheduled deliveries, and I simply tried to make the payment for the monthly service charge," said Moss.

His wife's horrific five-year battle with five different cancers before it ultimately killed her depleted his savings. He just wants the lingering debt to end.

Here's the core of the confusion. On May 3, Natural Gas Company of Virginia wrote: "due to your circumstances we will forgive your debt, however we will pick up our equipment."

"I felt I owed something to them," said Moss.

So Moss sent them $117 for 17 months of tank fees.

The company has yet to acknowledge payment, even though his bank statement shows they got it. The company continues to send monthly bills for nearly $300 and the tank is still in his yard - though disconnected back in December.

"Even the last bill shows no reflection of whatsoever of any payment," said Moss.

The woman at the window of the West End Natural Gas Company of Virginia office agreed it probably was so simple it could be worked out, but no one was coming out to face the camera.

He won't talk to us on camera but says if we turn the camera off, he will talk about what's happening with this complaint. After about 15 minutes inside, the problem is resolved. The company is picking up the tank, sending out a letter letting Moss know his account is clear.

Right now, Natural Gas Company of Virginia is stopping the bills. They say Moss hasn't used propane in three years.

Brad Williamson is the person I talked with. He says that letter will include acknowledgement of Moss's payment - and that they are a small company. Moss will get a call from them before the tank is removed to make sure it's not blocked.

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