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Chesterfield police chase, arrest caught on video


A witness captures a high-speed police chase through Chesterfield on video, saying he was involved in helping officers get the suspect into custody.

William McAlexander was cuffed by Chesterfield officers Tuesday morning. Authorities say he led police on a chase on the Midlothian Turnpike, Monday night, fled the car on foot, and then hid in the woods in a nearby neighborhood, overnight.

The man taking the video, Jason Wood, says he and his mother have known McAlexander for years. Wood says he maintained contact with McAlexander through the entire scenario.

"It was a chain of unfortunate events," said Wood.

Wood says things turned sour after McAlexander took off with his mom's jeep, for hours. Police say McAlexander broke into a church and then another nearby business, stealing the register.

Wood says he coaxed McAlexander to drive back into Chesterfield. Wood was driving separately, trailing McAlexander. That's when the police pursuit unfolded. Investigators say McAlexander refused to pull over.

"He started making a lot of aggressive moves, cutting through parking lots, jumping curbs, cutting across a field at one point in time," described Wood.

Police say McAlexander even hit an officer's car. Authorities say that officer is okay. Wood says the jeep cut through a quiet neighborhood, near Lady Marian Court. Tire tracks spanned one home's backyard, as McAlexander sped over the grass. He plowed the jeep into a tree, and took off. That sparked a manhunt for several hours, according to neighbors.

"Police cars rolling down the street at a high rate of speed…For the rest of the night, we had planes circling around," said Wayne Isbell, who lives on the street and witnessed the action.

Wood says he ultimately convinced McAlexander to surrender.

"He said he was cold. He was tired. He was hungry. He just wanted this all over with," said Wood, of his texting exchange with McAlexander shortly before his arrest.

McAlexander is facing a slew of charges including assault on a police officer, reckless driving and burglary.

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