ON YOUR SIDE: Coverage costs for uninsured Virginians

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We're getting our first look at what you can expect to pay for coverage under the new Affordable Care Act.

In one week, anyone who is uninsured will be able to purchase now-mandatory health insurance.

The new report from the Kaiser Foundation compared exchange plans from numerous cities - including Richmond and D.C. It then calculated the premiums for enrollees, of different plans at various ages. It even shows you how much you can realistically expect to pay and whether you will qualify for a subsidy.

Seven different insurance companies are offering dozens of plans for Richmond-area residents.

The Kaiser Foundation study breaks down the numbers by age and subsidies, and it shows you which are the least expensive plans.

The lowest cost Bronze Plan is offered by Coventry Health Care. A 25-year-old would be covered for $134 dollars a month. A 40-year-old will pay $170. Add 20 years, and the rate more than doubles. Insurance for a 60-year-old is $361 a month.

Compared to 18 different localities, Richmond is the seventh cheapest on the list.

A silver plan for a 25-year-old would cost you $199 a month. If you qualify for a subsidy, you don't get much of a break - you will pay $6 less, or $193 a month.

14 out of 18 cities had the same price. Only four cities out of 18 had a cheaper rate than this. This same coverage would cost a 60-year-old $537. The price, with tax credits, drops to $193.

The Bronze plans are less expensive but offer less coverage and much higher deductibles.

The Kaiser study includes a subsidy calculator that will tell you how much of a discount you can expect.

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