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Nelson County hopeful new leads will bring answers in teen's disappearance


There are several developments in the case to find a missing Nelson County teenager. The only person arrested in the abduction of Alexis Murphy will learn Tuesday whether he will be formally indicted.

NBC12 has community reaction to a story we broke over the weekend - a new person of interest just questioned in the case.

A lead investigator confirms they've just made contact with another person of interest Sunday; a timely reminder for people in that community, this case remains active. You don't have to look far in the county to find signs of hope.

"That she's still alive. That's the bottom line," said Mike Crabill of the Sunny Convenience store.

There, flyers are posted about 17-year-old Alexis Murphy's disappearance. It's been almost two months and she's still missing. So far, Randy Taylor is the only person arrested in connection with Murphy's abduction.

"She might still be somewhere," Crabill said.

Monday, investigators told NBC12 the person questioned Sunday matches the description of a man Taylor's attorney previously identified as one who met with Taylor and Murphy in an alleged drug deal the day she went missing.

"It's a black male, mid-to-late 20s, cornrows and a 20-year-old burgundy Caprice with 22-inch wheels," Taylor's attorney Mike Hallahan previously said.

Crabill says he hopes Taylor's story is true, because it could mean someone knows where Alexis is right now.

"That might possibly predict a better outcome than if it's not true," Crabill said.

NBC12 checked in with Murphy's family again Monday. Her aunt, Trina Murphy, said she believes Taylor made up the story about the man police just questioned in order to get attention off him. NBC12 asked if relatives believe the second man questioned is associated with the teen's disappearance.

"I'm not at liberty to say," Murphy replied.

Neither would she say if relatives know that man, but they are vocal that the family hasn't lost hope.

"We're just still as motivated and eager to get Alexis home as we were seven weeks ago," Murphy said.

A grand jury is set to meet Tuesday morning to decide whether Taylor should be indicted.

"I think he'll go to trial but I don't know what the outcome might be," Crabill said.

Investigators say they're confident they're covering all their bases. One detective said Monday "things still look promising on our end."

Anyone with tips in the Murphy investigation is asked to call Nelson Investigators at 434-263-7050.

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