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13 ordered to pay $125 each for memorial to Chesterfield teen


A judge ordered 13 people to pay $125 each for the damage caused by their memorial to a Chesterfield teen.

The three adults and ten minors were charged with destruction of property and other crimes for decorating a tunnel in memoriam to a Chesterfield teen that committed suicide.

Two people were initially charged after they spray painted pictures and quotes in a tunnel in the Hampton Park neighborhood honoring 17-year-old Cal Reilly. More people were later charged in the case.

A judge ordered Tyler Cosner, 19, Christopher Justice, 18, and Todd Pitner, 48, along with 10 teens to pay $125 each to the Hampton Park Homeowners Association. If they do, they will not face any jail time. 

"I think the most important thing is they're feeling relieved that this is over," said defense attorney David Vyborny. "Moving on with their lives is the most important thing not only for Tyler and Chris but for the families as well."

There's also a chance everyone could have the felony charges wiped clean from their records.

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