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13-year-old saves his elderly grandmother from burning home

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A young Henrico teen is being called a hero after he saved his elderly grandmother from their burning home.

13-year-old McKinley Johnson was walking home from school when he heard smoke detectors going off inside his house and without hesitation he ran inside to get his grandmother out to safety.

82-year-old Sarah Henry was home alone at their house on Tweed Place when the fire started.

"I started saying help help help and started praying and everything," said Henry.

Ms. Henry couldn't see, but she was able to smell the smoke.

"I knew it was almost time for McKinley to come home from school, I just walked around knocking the floor with my cane and sure enough he came," she said.

"I came to the door, the things are ringing, smoke everywhere, and I walked through, I kind of ran through, and I turned and saw my grandma over there, and I came in here and there was fire, a huge fire," said Johnson.

Once Johnson and his aunt got grandma out safely, fire fighters arrived to take care of the rest.

"That's a big deal, he saved her life no question about that," said Henrico's Assistant Fire Chief Andrew Baxter.

The fire was quickly contained and put out but with grandma home alone and blind, Baxter said it's a good thing Johnson was able to run inside when he did.

"What happened here today is a prime example of the value of having a working smoke alarm in your home," said Baxter.

Grandma is doing well now, and so is Johnson who is feeling good about being a hero.

"I love grandma...sometimes I can't hear her because I'm upstairs playing video games, but when I do I try to help her out and do what I can," said Johnson.

Johnson is an 8th grader at Brookland Middle School.

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