Hurricane Isabel: 10 Year Anniversary

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Happening right now, both Richmond and VCU Police are looking for several suspects responsible for two crimes. One was a robbery and the other, a home invasion. The robbery happened on Idlewood Avenue and the home invasion happened on West Franklin Street.

Developing: Richmond firefighters rescue a man trapped inside a burning Church Hill home. That fire, could have spread to surrounding houses. This all happened on Chimborazo Boulevard near Leigh Street around 10:15pm. We will update you on the investigation.

This morning, we take a look back at Hurricane Isabel. It was 10 years ago today the powerful storm hit Virginia, destroying homes, cutting off power, and even killing some caught in its path.

Plus, we continue to follow the latest on the Navy Yard shooting in D.C. A police report says the Washington Navy Yard gunman heard voices during a stay in Rhode Island the month before the shooting rampage. The defense contractor told police in early August that the voices were harassing and following him. In the following weeks, Aaron Alexis moved on to the Washington area for work, and law enforcement officials say he was being treated for serious mental problems. But his security clearance was not stripped, and the 34-year-old Alexis entered the sprawling installation Monday with a valid pass.

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