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Accused Colonial Heights flasher pleads no contest, says I feel horrible


The commonwealth's attorney in Colonial Heights says " a child predator is off the streets."

26 year old Justin Milton pled no contest to multiple charges of exposing himself and propositioning a 12 year old girl.

"It's just horrible," said Colonial Heights commonwealth's attorney Bill Bray. "A little bit of disgust I have to say."

Bray is voicing disgust after 26-year-old Justin Milton pleads no contest to three counts of taking indecent liberties with a child.

Police say Milton followed young girls on their way to Colonial Heights middle school. He allegedly exposed himself multiple times.

"Little girls on the way to school shouldn't have to face anything like that," said Attorney Bray.

Police say Milton pulled his pants down, exposing his penis, and asking the 12-year old if "she wanted some of this".

Bray says once Milton was identified and apprehended, Milton admitted to being in the area for a run, and told police he was urinating on the same bush he always urinates on when the victim observed his penis. 

"I should have waited to go home and urinate and not make [the] smart comment to [the] girl," said Justin Milton in a voluntary statement. "I feel horrible."

Prosecutors don't buy Milton's story.

"That doesn't add up with what the girl was saying," said Bray. "That's not what he was doing."

"And then there is the no contest plea," we noted.

"Yes," said Bray. "That is essentially the same as a guilty plea."

The no contest plea came after the young 12 year old victim testified about her experience. Milton is due in court in February for sentencing. He could face up to 30 years behind bars.

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