By: Kym Grinnage email

So let's talk baseball. I must admit that I am only a lukewarm fan, but I respect the game of baseball tremendously and I truly admire what the Richmond Squirrels have done with a franchise that didn't provide the best of family entertainment when the Richmond Braves were here. Although I do not attend many games, when I have gone to the Diamond it has been an exceptionally entertaining experience from the time you enter the ball park until the time you leave.

So where should a ballpark be located? The answer I believe is where the most people will come to see the game and in a location that the team owners feel is a great attraction. Since I am not really a big fan, I will approach this from this businessman's point of view. Let's set aside for a minute, the political and social reasons of why a stadium should or should not be located downtown.

Personally, if the stadium were downtown I would probably attend more often. I love going into the city and I believe that baseball would be a real attraction to many members of the business community that would embrace it as another cool attraction downtown. But I do feel that it needs to be a regionally cooperative effort for it to succeed.

There's nothing like dinner and a game, or a retreat at the ballpark, and the tourism possibilities are endless. It's harder for businesses to ignore something that's right in their faces, especially when it's just a walk away.

Next week I will give my humble opinion about the social and political reasons why some have said: "No thank you to downtown baseball".

…Just my two cents.

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