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The search for answers begins in Navy Yard shooting

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The Washington Navy Yard will remain closed tomorrow; the only people on the campus will be those considered "mission essential" in their jobs.

Meanwhile the navy family and the entire city of Washington, D.C. struggles to figure out what went wrong here today.

On an average D.C. fall night this part of town should be bustling, crowds rushing to see the hometown Nats compete in a pennant race.

Instead the streets are empty, the space filled by noisy news trucks and the lights of police cars.

With the worst over- the search for answers begins.

"I.. .I can't even begin to imagine what they may be going through I don't even want to speculate," said Douglas Hughes a Navy civilian employee after finally was able to leave the Navy Yard.

D.C. police and the FBI are looking for more information on 43 year old Aaron Alexis. He is the gunman who allegedly took up a perch in the 4th floor balcony of building 197- and reigned gunfire on an unsuspecting crowd in a vast atrium below. 

"I just heard pop-pop-pop-pop," recalled a worker in the moments after the lockdown was lifted.

A one-time naval reservist, Alexis has prior brushes with the law- and may have gained access to the secure navy yard with a former contractor's ID. His fatal actions led to a morning of terror for the three thousand employees on the naval yard. 

"I was thinking I want to get to some place where nobody can see me" said Huges. "Real fast."

Despite the awful tragedy- family members waiting outside for their loved ones- and those in the midst of the event- were in some cases not even surprised.

"It's sad really, but it is the world we live in today," said Air Force Sgt. David Reyes. His wife was among the civilian employees put on lockdown.

"It's part of living in Washington, D.C," remarked another employee on his way down M street.  

The D.C. police force and Mayor remain committed to making sure all the questions are answered, and this city is hoping life can get back to normal as soon as possible.

And tonight it is the FBI still asking for help with not only information on the alleged shooter who is now dead, but for a second person who was seen on surveillance video during the shooting.

They are hoping any little tid-bit will bring them closer to understanding what went wrong here this morning.

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