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Ft. Lee reviews safety plans following Navy Yard shooting


Troops and leaders at Ft. Lee are reacting to the news of Monday's shooting. Ft. Lee says it immediately went over all of its safety guidelines as a precaution, following the morning tragedy at the Navy Yard.

The area surrounding Ft. Lee is a tight knit community. Troops say their counterparts and civilians are all like family. Monday, that bond strengthened following tragedy that hit close to home.

In the midst of tragedy and chaos at the Navy Yard in D.C. - many in Central Virginia were left with one thought.

"It's very scary because it could really happen anywhere," said Jordan Cannady who works on post.

Soldiers at Ft. Lee say they watched the events play out with sorrow for their fellow military members.

"I find it sickening that people do stuff like this," said Specialist Josh Hartman.

Following the concerns, NBC12 went straight to Ft. Lee's security director.

"Was there any indication that a threat could happen here?" we asked.

"No," Scott Brown said confidently.

Still, Brown says the installation immediately reached out to all of the leaders on post.

"Let's go ahead and take a quick look at our plans that we have in place for both things like active shooter, shelter in place," he said.

Brown is also working closely with the police department at Ft. Lee in reviewing all internal safety guidelines.

"Traditional outer perimeter which would be gates and things inside gates, I don't really wish to get into what they are, but Ft. Lee is like a town and community," Brown said.

It's why he encourages civilians and military members to be alert and immediately call police when something seems strange.

"I happen to see a box out of place or a briefcase out of place, or an individual looks suspicious, if you don't see anything, no one would ever know," he said.

Now all eyes turn to the Navy Yard shooting, leaving those in Central Virginia with heavy hearts.

"My condolences go out to the family, to all the families of the victims," Hartman said.

Leaders at the Defense Supply Center in Richmond also said they made no security changes, but resumed normal operations following the shooting in D.C.

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