On Your Side Alert: Hurricane Season - Phone Preparation Tips

Hurricane season is not over yet. So how ready are you? Many times you think about having the essentials around, like food, water and first aid kits but what about your cell phone?

We all know cell phones are convenient and in times of an emergency, they can be life savers. During Hurricane Season, Jake Anthony with AT&T says it's important to make sure you not only have a working phone, but also a way to keep it charged. "The number one thing is to have alternative battery charging capability, whether it be through a car charger or some of the newer products and services we have out there," he says.

Anthony says talk to your phone provider about the best charging options for your needs. "A lot of times when you lose power, you lose communication. Communication plans are key. Have that person outside of the storm area or zone that is your key contact," Anthony explains.

If your area is hit by a storm, a huge threat is the water. Keeping your phone dry should also be a top priority. Accessories have evolved so much, we have cases that are water proof. If you don't have one of those, make sure you have some sort of plastic bag to keep it dry," he tells us.

As you plan for severe weather, also be sure to download weather Apps. "One of the biggest thing I am an advocate for is, be your own Storm Tracker. There are applications from The Weather Channel, The Weather Bug, and also the Red Cross have Apps where you can, at any given moment, go to your smart phone, access the radar, and get weather alerts," Anthony says.

If you haven't already now, is a good time to download the NBC 12 Weather App.

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