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Truck hit by train at Robious and Huguenot

A train has hit a truck at Robious and Huguenot roads. A train has hit a truck at Robious and Huguenot roads.
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A pick-up truck crashed with a train in Chesterfield leaving traffic at Huguenot and Robious at a standstill for more than an hour Thursday evening. At this time, police say no one is cited in the crash, but that could change as the investigation continues.    

A sign at the intersection clearly indicates no stopping on the rail road tracks but Alma Reina said she had no other choice.

She spoke through her daughter - who translated.

"We were riding and the thing just fell on us so we tried to back up but we couldn't so we just got out the car," said Esmeralda Prado.

Around 5 o'clock Thursday evening, Reina says there was no indication a train was coming when she tried to turn onto Huguenot from Robious.

"I think the lights weren't working. She said she didn't see the lights when she was trying to go through," Prado and a friend said.

As police investigated the rush hour fiasco, parts of the intersection moved at a snail's pace - as VDOT crews helped direct traffic, but drivers heading west bound on Huguenot couldn't get past the train at all. They just had to wait it out.

In addition to the traffic backlog, one driver who lives here the other side of Huguenot was frustrated that he couldn't get home. That wasn't the only problem.

"I was actually heading to a meeting and happened upon this accident," said John Sawyer.

He had to figure out how to make it work.

"I had my wife drop me down the street and I'm going to walk around," Sawyer said.

About an hour and 40 minutes after the crash, the train was able to finally leave. That's when a wrecker arrived to haul off the pick-up, opening the intersection for drivers who got caught up in an unexpected delay.

A mother and daughter are relieved they made it out.

"I think they're lucky they're still alive and unharmed," said a family friend.

As for the driver's claim the train signal wasn't working, police say that remains part of their on-going investigation.

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