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Right place, right time for police, not for alleged criminal


Police say "Lady Luck" is to thank for them being able to take an alleged drug dealer off the streets.

Brian Morris now faces multiple drug and gun charges for an incident right outside a community center and school.

This bizarre story all started at a celebration at the Neighborhood Resource Center in Greater Fulton Friday night. Police went to address a noise issue at a car next door and it turned into five felony charges, others pending and more arrests possible.

It was 8:30 p.m., when Sector Lt. Daniel Minton's night took an unexpected turn.

"The person in the car was beeping the horn and at that time people were kind of looking at me like 'are you going to address the issue,'" Minton recalled.

Lt. Minton came out of the celebration to see what was going on. He found a car that was sitting in the driveway next door. As he approached he saw a man sitting in the driver's seat. He was somehow able to make it all the way around to the driver's side door before the man saw him.

"When I came up to the car when I looked down at him, I could see the crack cocaine was right on his lap where he was sitting," Minton described. "There was a scale next to him. The heroin was in front of the center console."

Minton says he also saw a gun with an extended magazine.

"At first I thought 'this can't be what I'm seeing,'" he added. "You know, I'm looking down, I just want to talk to him about the noise coming from his car."

But he got so much more. The surprises kept coming.

"It was consistent with distribution," Minton explained. "He had a digital scale next to him. He had packaging material. It turned out he wasn't listening to the radio. It was actually a TV inside his car and he was watching a show about drug dealing."

Now, 24-year-old Brian Morris is charged with intent to distribute in a school zone, possession of a stolen firearm, intent to distribute both heroin and cocaine and possession of a gun while having certain drugs.

It seems bad luck for Morris became good luck for police and the community.

"People always say that the police are never around when you need them," Minton told us. "This is a good example of I happened to be in the right place at exactly the right time for me, exactly the wrong time for him."

Police say it is also interesting to note the location of the alleged almost-drug deal; the Neighborhood Resource Center was created to combat an increase in crack-cocaine in the nineties.

Authorities plan to indict Morris on at least one other charge. More arrests are possible.

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