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PickFactor.com: the business of predicting sporting events


Wish you had more insight in choosing your Fantasy Football team? Do you pour over pundits' picks before games? A Richmond man has launched a website that collects all those game predictions and summarizes them for you. And the business is taking off.

Who knows who's going to win a football game? Well, hundreds of sports analysts make predictions. So a year ago, Jim Omer decided to aggregate them all onto one website called PickFactor.com.

"I would go around looking for news and looking for input on which player to start or which team that I predicted was going to win that week," explained Omer. "And I thought why can't I just collect it for everybody?"

The website then tabulates the percentage of pundits that pick one team over another.

"There might be 200 expert opinions. We'll tell you with just one number what percentage of those like team A or team B," said Omer.

Pick Factor features pro and college football, basketball, mixed martial arts and English Premier soccer.

The site is similar to other aggregators, such as Kayak.com, which aggregates plane fares, and RottenTomatoes.com, which collects movie reviews. Pick Factor collects sports predictions all onto one site so you don't have to search for each one on the internet.

Pick Factor also shows you what it calls "All Star Picks," predictions by the analysts that are right the most often.

The business has four employees so far, and makes its money from advertising. But it plans to offer a subscription service for specialized data soon.

Said Omer, "It's been less than a year and the site has just blown up. We have over 40,000 Facebook likes, 3000 Twitter followers. It's growing everyday."

Omer plans to add NASCAR, golf, and baseball in the near future.

So how often are all these pundits right? "More often than not," answered Omer. "Last season we were averaging in the upper 70's."

And when they're wrong? Well, that's just part of the fun.

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